What is it?

Vellgraphy is a web-application that automatically hyperlinks any PDF construction blueprint, architecture drawing and construction plans together in less than 2 minutes. Our proprietary algorithm automatically finds and links every call-out and details from your construction drawing, and link them all together so that you can navigate trough your architectural drawing with a click of a mouse or a tap of your finger.

Hyperlinking is now faster and easier than ever before. Just select your drawings, upload to our server and let us do the rest. We're fast too. We have developed a software that hyperlinks an average construction plan in only seconds. No more waiting days to get your plans back.

Because we're completely automated, it's now far more affordable to hyperlink your plans. Less cost means more profit. A faster process means further streamlining of your workflow.

Why Vellgraphy?

Save Time

Why wait days for your linked plans? Vellgraphy linkss on average a 60 page set of drawings in about an hour. Because we're online you can use us anytime, day or night, 24/7. Send a full, 1000-drawings project an afternoon, before leaving the office, and get the hyperlinked set when you come back next morning.

Save Money

Why pay up to $10 per sheet when we charge only $4? Revisions are only $2 each and we even give you your first 5GB of storage free. That's enough to store over 1000 drawings... FREE!!!

Access your plans from anywhere

Our cloud storage means you can view or download any drawing, anytime. Our security measures mean your drawings stay private.

How it works? 3 simple steps

1- Upload

Just create an account first, and then upload all your Architectural Blueprint PDFs on our server using our easy to use web-interface. We accept PDFs files as well as zip files (to upload your entire directory).

2- Hyperlink

Our unique scanning PDF scanning engine will automatically scan your different PDFs for the appropriate tags, and automatically hyper-links all the required tags together. This is done automatically in minutes.

3- Download

Once all your PDFs are hyperlinked together, you can download all your PDFs file with 1 click of a button.
That's it!

Meet the Team


Michael Fabing

Michael is Vellgraphys primary Web developer. He has years of experience in the world of building web and mobile application.


Miguel Santos

Miguel is Vellgraphys primary core developer and PDF expert. He is the one that build the automatic PDF hyperlinking system.

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